About Polish Optical Conference

Polish Optical Conference

The Polish Optical Conference aims to integrate the community of Polish opticians. It creates a platform for meeting and exchanging views for a broad group of people who value the development of Polish scientific and engineering thought and didactics in optics. The conference combines a high scientific level with a broad spectrum of topics to represent the whole of Polish optics. Carefully selected presentations from invited lectures create a unique opportunity for young scientists to get acquainted with research topics conducted in other centers in Poland. The conference is also one of the few forums promoting the Polish language in optics.


The conference is organized by the Optics Section of the Polish Physical Society and by the Candela Foundation. To secure highest standards the Section collaborates with local organisations supporting optics and photonics.

Are you interested in more details?

To get more details about this initiative, please contact the Local Organising Committee. You can reach out to them by sending an email to pko@candela.org.pl. You can also contact the Optics Section of the Polish Physical Society directly.